Sunday, March 2, 2008

Never stick your penis next to another man's face*

Weird week. Work was a lot of hurry up then stop, then hurry up again. I actually missed our first "end of the month" party Friday afternoon, but I was makin' overtime, so I was smilin'!!

BB is Student of the Week next week, so we had fun putting together her poster. Basically, each kid gets a turn to do a poster of photos: what they like to do (play with her friends), eat (sushi - Yeah, I was surprised too!), read (Junie B. Jones), etc. It was fun going over her baby pics and reminiscing.

I have to say, I am full on in the throes of PMS, and J has been soooo sweet about the whole thing. I have been a crabby, moody, cranky bitch for 2 days, and he's been the best husband ever. He did major yard work and even removed the old A/C unit that died the summer before Katrina. He fed me sushi and has been so sweet I want to cry. (full disclosure: with PMS I'd probably want to cry anyway.) And, he's been a huge help with printing out some things for BB's project. I LOVE YOU J!!!

Well, I went to our last party at the Children's Museum today, yay!!! Next week I have 2 baby showers, but hopefully the birthdays are done for a while. AND, we finally got together with our friends (for a crawfish boil - it was awesommmmeeee) and brought over the Christmas gifts we hadn't had time to exchange. So, as of today, my house has no ungiven gifts laying around. My closet is my own again!!! No moving stuff around or tripping over presents in the dark. Ahhhh, feels good!

Note to H1 and SIL(H): can't wait to hear about "your" fingers are crossed and my eyes are clenched shut (making it hard to type) hoping, hoping, hoping.

*fatherly advice from J to Ian when he was sitting down and Ian walked over and stood next to his head.


H1 said...

That is some really good advise!

Hannah said...

Best advice EVER!! hehe