Thursday, March 6, 2008

If you're Number One, does that make everybody else Number Two?

Yesterday morning, I pulled over across the street from Mom and Dad's house to let Ian out so they could take him to school. I had a package for them to take to SIL(H) this weekend, so I also jumped out, package in hand, to run it over to Mom. As I'm pulled over and Ian is lifting the trunk to get his books out (he and I are standing near each other behind my car) this guy drives up in a truck and stops his car in the middle of the street, probably less than 2 feet from where Ian and I are standing. Then he starts revving his engine. Then he revs it more, until his tires are spinning and the smell of burnt rubber is in the air. Neighbors come out of their homes to see what the noise is all about. Ian and I are trying to cross the street but obviously we are not going to cross in front of this nutjob. Then he takes his foot off the brake and speeds up about 50 feet and parks on the other side of the street. Ian heads into Mom's house, I run up to her front door and drop off the package and head back to my car. I needed to talk to one of the neighbors about taking Ian to school Monday, and since he was standing on his porch wondering what all the noise was about, I talked to him for a few seconds, got an affirmative answer, got back in my car and drove away. The whole incident lasted maybe 3 minutes from the time I pulled over until I pulled away.

Here's the thing...I didn't know I was "parked" in front of his apartment. I simply pulled into an empty spot to drop something off and leave. Had he pulled up, stuck his head out of his window and said, "Excuse me, you're parked in front of my house" I would have moved up. Even if he didn't say anything and had simply waited patiently in the street one moment, I would have been gone in 30 seconds. But no, he had to be an asshole (that's his new name, by the way) and because of that people came out and I took the opportunity to talk to them too, because by that time he was up the street. I didn't even realize until later in the day that what he did was really dangerous. Had his foot slipped, he could have killed Ian or myself. So now, I'm pretty pissed. I'm thinking about putting Anger Management information in his mailbox. I'm wondering if I should confront him and tell him I'm considering pressing charges - maybe "intimidation with a deadly weapon" or "attemped assault with a deadly weapon"? You all know I'm a very non-confrontational person, so this whole scenario has me very perplexed and conflicted.


H1 said...

It's his own fault for not putting his trash cans out to mark off his parking spot. That's the rule, right?

Hannah said...

I love the pamphlet int he mailbox idea. Just don't get caught or he will squall his tires at your again.

Louisiana Rose said...

He frequently DOES put his trash can out. (Steve taught him that!) But every morning he leaves at 6:30am and returns about 7:10-7:15 am.

I think Jerrod show go knock on his door IN UNIFORM, and talk to him about safety! They have TN plates and she's a teacher I think. I won't be talking to him until he apologizes!! He doesn't seem to realize he is parked on public property!