Monday, February 25, 2008

How is it Monday already?

Holy smokes, what a weekend!!! I guess I'll just jump right in and talk about the birthday party. It was great!!! 8 girls plus BB came, so that was a pretty good showing. They had a blast - they were so cute! Several of them mentioned during the party that they were having a good time and they were full of smiles (and little girl screams of delight - oh my God my ears!) The only low spot was musical chairs, there were a few tears from the losers (incuding BB) and the same girl won twice, so she very graciously gave BB her 2nd bag. At the end of the party BB handed out the goody bags and the girls all dove into them and oooh'd and aaah'd over them, so I think they were a hit too. Let me extend a hearty "Thank you!" to Mom and SIL(E) for their help in corralling those girls and making sure everything ran smoothly.

Of course, in my worry about getting everything ready for the party, I forgot to order cupcakes for school. So I'm calling everywhere this morning but they all need 24 hour notice so no one can make cupcakes for her to bring tomorrow. Luckily, the grocery near Chiamom's work has some already made they are going to hold for her to pick up today. Whew!

In other, non-birthday news, poor Ian has whatever bug BB had last week. Poor baby - he looks so pathetic and you can tell he really doesn't feel well.

The babysitter called last night, one of the kids has lice...ugh! We figure she got it at the Children's museum - 7 days ago - so we checked our kids and they look fine, but I'm a bit nervous as we have another birthday party there on Sunday. Hairspray and gel for everyone before we go!!!!

J, although I didn't see you much this weekend, the time we spent together was nice, wandering around Target Sunday evening and hanging around the house afterwards. Thank you.

DeaconDad - I'm sorry I missed your homily this weekend. I really enjoy hearing you preach and I feel like I let you down by not being there. I am looking forward to reading it on Altar Egeaux.


Hannah said...

Ditto for Chia.

Glad the party went well ... with only a year to prepare for next year's, you better get busy. hehe

Hope Ian and Molly and BB and ur-body feels better soon!


I had a good time myself. I hope to stay in town longer and feel like a part of the family again, but...