Friday, February 22, 2008


An update to my post about money. After several e-mails, I finally heard back from Sprint. They agreed that I met all the requirements and they will be sending me a check within the next 15 days! So, now all that leaves is the dentist. Although, we think the postman delivered our mail to the empty house next door again today. So, if the check was in that batch we won't see it for a while, as the mail slot empties directly into the house. But, that's 3 out of 4 so far. And don't think I won't write the dentist another letter, because, Damnit, that's what I do!

Oh, I had another RSVP today for BB's party, so I know for sure 4 girls will be there. I'm feeling much better about that as well.

And....I'm at 10 lbs lost!! Yay!!! I don't feel any difference yet but I know that as I keep losing I will.

Peace out Cub Scouts!!!! (I believe I just stole that from SIL(E), sorry!) And, have, you, noticed, how, many, commas, I've, used, in, this, post? Yeah, me, too.


K-Leen said...

But at least it's proper usage of commas. Improper usage drives me crazy!

Hannah said...

10 lbs, that's freaking AWESOME! Congrats!!!

Gisselle said...

Way, to, go, keep up, the, go,od, work,.