Saturday, January 19, 2008

Take me for a ride in your car, car*

Had a delicious Sahara Bread dinner with Chiamomandpop last night. Yummy! On the way home we stopped at a red light and BAM, (well, really more of a bump) the car behind us hit us. Not hard, a hard tap really, but did crack one of my rear lights. The guy was really apologetic and kept trying to hand us $20, but we ended up pulling over and getting his info. No one was hurt, but it was rainy and wet, so we were all in a rush to go home. J looked up the part online and it's pretty cheap, hopefully installing it will be easy too.

Just when I think they're gonna fire me for playing on the internet all day - along comes a buttload of work (thank God!!). I worked through lunch Thursday and Friday, so I'm always a happier woman when I've got stuff to do. Billable hours, people!!

Nothing else going on, just wanted to say hi!!! Oh, since Mom and Dad had to cancel, we might be headed out to our first parade of the season tonight - yay!!!

*anybody know who did that one?


H1 said...

That sucks. But before you replace it with stock ones check out these. They are going to be more expensive, but this can be phase 1 of "Pimping your ride". I'm sure there are lots more out there and I can gladly look for you.

H1 said...

Easier way to view that link I put is right click on it and select "Open link in new window".

pops said...

That would be PP&M. "Take me for a ride in your Mack... truck. Take me for a ride in your truck... Mack"