Sunday, January 20, 2008

Game on!!!

Well, our cancelled dinner was un-cancelled, so we did not go to the parade but instead had a wonderful dinner with ChiaMomandPop (Happy Belated Birthday to you both). While at dinner, we were discussing recent blog posts and this came up again. After much discussion, I have made this decision: When I die, if I am cremated I want my ashes here. If I'm not cremated, I guess my loved ones will just have to hurry and cut off a finger or two before they shut the coffin and drop them off during their next visit.

While we were at dinner, H2 kindly stopped by after work to check on the kids for us. While he was at the house, BB asked for dessert, which H2 knew she was not supposed to have, so he said no. She threatened to call H2's GF and tell her he sleeps with teddy bears. Ok, he thinks, and gives BB the phone. "GF," BB says, "H2 is cheating on you with his old GF-A". Holy shit - DJ grabs the phone and says it's not true, etc., etc. Luckily for him GF is pretty confident and knows what BB says is not true. I don't even know where to go with this. I talked to BB for quite some time this morning explaining why that wasn't funny and was actually pretty mean. She cried and cried and wrote an apology letter (and picture) to GF. The whole thing was about food - H2 wouldn't give her food, so she decided to fuck with him in a major way. But she's 6 years old!!! This is the kind of crap a teenager would pull, not a 6-year-old. So I'm upset that she did it, and upset it was about food. I just can't articulate all the scenarios going through my mind. I mean, we always joked about her being the Antichrist, and she's been so good lately, but Damn! I just don't know. I'm worried that throughout her life BB will come up with stuff like this. I feel sorry for her "enemies" when she's a teenager, 'cause she's brutal.

I've just escaped from one of Dante's circles of hell -the 10th circle - the Mardi Gras shoebox float circle - specifically "Mardi Gras Mermaids" and I must say it looks pretty good. We made pipe-cleaner palm trees w/coconuts (hot-glued mardi gras beads) and we even made tiny necklaces to hang in the trees (a nod to St. Charles Avenue). We put some crabs and fish and of course Little Mermaid on the display. I'll try to get a picture.

And, finally, I've got to go to work tomorrow but my whole family is off! Waaa! It's okay though, I don't mind too much...we had a lot of days off over the holidays so I can't really complain. And the babysitter is back from her 3 week vacation. Yay, life is back to normal!!!


pops said...

I don't know if it was so much about food, or about BB not having things her way... although she is much better than when she was little, she still doesn't take "no" for an answer very well. She's still a sweetie, and the letter of apology attests.

H1 said...

I never saw Harry Potter. But I'll do my best. I'll just look for that guy who looks like ChiaPop. That was Harry Potter, right? Or Lord of the Rings?