Thursday, January 17, 2008

Baby Love

"IAN!!! IAN!!! IanIanIanIan!!!" Those are Molly's favorite words. She loves her some Ian. She wants him to hold her and play with her and talk to her. Lately she's been asking for him before she gets out of her crib in the morning. She is in L-O-V-E. I know she is too small to remember it, but I hope when Ian gets older that he remembers this "hero worship". He's growing up so fast. I don't see him as often as I'd like to, he spends a lot of time in his room (as every teenager alive does). As he grows older, I wonder if he remembers the stuff we did when he was little. The soccer practices, learning to ride a bike (I still haven't taught BB to do that yet), fish frys at the KC hall, watching Star Trek in my bed together while Daddy worked nights, birthday parties (I think Laser Tag was the most fun!), going to feed the ducks at Brechtel Park; the older he gets the harder it is to remember when he was small. This weekend might be a good weekend to pull out the photos. When he was small, I was the major presence in his life, but now that he is older and has two younger sisters pulling my time and attention away, J has stepped into that role. And that's a good thing - a boy needs his father to be a role model, but I miss spending time with him. I wonder if he knows how much I love him, that I'm proud of him, and how badly I want for him to be happy. I think he does, but with teenagers you never know. Even though he's a teenager, he's still my baby.


Hannah said...

Personally, my favorite was Ian's 4th birthday party!!

Ellie said...

This blog should come with a warning!!!
Warning: Have Kleenex on hand while reading!

H1 said...

Patti: Wonderful post.

Ellie: Ew!