Thursday, January 24, 2008

Since no one else wants to entertain me, I'll entertain you for a while:

First of all, this. That's just wrong.

Then there's this. That's pretty messed up.

Then, take a look at this. WTF?

Okay, this is weird. Can you get that from a hotel glass? (images here)

Okay, I know SIL(H) already did this, but I couldn't resist:

So, believe it or not, I have to go and look up Disney Princess Breakfast info for my boss! I love my job!


H1 said...

Wow, that's some weird stuff. Thanks for sharing. Ha ha ha.

Hannah said...

Good Lawd, ewwh - ewwh - ewwh. On all counts pretty much.

And don't get me started on that weird "Christian" group. If anyone deserves a bolt of lightning. I'm just saying. ...

Hannah said...

OMG, "my first rave." You are awesome.