Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Senseless Sensibility

Am I crazy for wanting this? The book, eh, whatever - it's the action figure I want. While I admit, it is cool (to a big nerdy book lover like myself) I'm wondering what's next - Bridget Jones action figure? Thelma and Louise action figures? I was going to make a Hillary Clinton joke, but here you go. PBS is having a Jane Austen marathon but I have missed the first few. I see on the above-referenced link that the episodes are for sale, and just found the schedule (Sundays, channel 12, 9pm) - but also found THIS!!!! Oh yeah, baby - VIP all the way!!!!!

I tried posting this the other day but our internet was down at work (you mean I'm supposed to work at work? Hmmm...novel concept.) - watch the whole thing! I am really grossed out! You can't tell me that no one noticed that many glasses not being washed (#of glasses/room (x) # of rooms occupied). It's a cost-saving thing I'm sure (save on water and glasses and soap and labor costs/time) and they pretend they don't know until it's "exposed" on TV. Yuck! I am bringing my own in 2009. Your welcome for posting it BEFORE your trip to Dallas and not after!!!


Hannah said...

#1, I like chocolate too!!

#2, the housekeeping video made me gag. I can not tell you how many hungover mornings I have reached for the hotel glass. OMG, I probably have 14 different diseases and don't even know it yet. Hmm, who do I sue first? hehe

H1 said...

The hotel glasses was sooooo nasty. I followed another link there and found this.