Friday, January 25, 2008

Can you hear me now?

This is gonna be cool. Pepsi is not my drink of choice (I'm a diet coke kinda gal), but I hope it works out for them. I think it's a great story!

Also, I'm wondering if I can do this. Anyone who's spent any amount of time with me knows about the airplane that flies over our house every 6 minutes. Sometimes early morning (I'm talking 6 am, folks!) or late in the evening, weekdays, weekends, etc. Sometimes they fly really, really low, and everytime I hear them come closer I'm sure they're gonna hit the house and it's a real effort to stop myself from gathering the husband and kids up with me into one room so that if we die at least we'll all be together. I assume it's a flight school which makes me even more nervous. I have no idea where to begin looking into who to call to complain, so I just seethe silently and wait for the next fly-over.

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