Sunday, January 6, 2008

Everybody's workin' for the weekend.....*

Interesting weekend...didn't do anything yet got a lot accomplished. Went out to dinner with BMW (you know who you Coloradoans are!) - it was great to see them again, even if only for a short visit. Got my Christmas present installed in my car (pioneer stereo that plays my ipod)- yay!! FINALLY got my wedding ring back from the jewelers - yay!!! Took BB to a skating birthday party (yawn). Took down all the Christmas decorations. Had a nice dinner with the family at Chiapop/mom's house - yum! Skipped Church -bad me!! Went to Best Buy to replace J's ipod that he lost on the WB Expy last night - ugh - I guess it's becoming a family tradition to lose your ipod!! AND...I've been searching for Absolut New Orleans for months. I've looked on the internet and tried their webpage and fancy booze stores, no luck. J happened across 2 bottles at Wal-Mart (WTF?) yesterday!!!

See what I mean? Nothing planned, but got a lot done. Which is good, because J leaves tomorrow for approximately nine days. Ugh. That's nine days without my wonderful hubby. That's nine days of me, alone with the kids. This is all just a bad dream, right? I thought when he graduated last month that was the last time he'd go out of town. Shit. When he gets home I'll be ready for a straight-jacket for sure!!

Tomorrow is gonna be a b!tch at work. Well, not really AT work, more like before and after work. The BCS game is at 6 or 7:00 at the Superdome and LSU is playing Ohio (sorry Buckeyes, better luck next year). Downtown is going to be awful!!! We already got a letter stating that we can't park in our lot tomorrow (my guess is because they're gonna charge $25 a spot tomorrow) and we're not the only lot having that problem, so parking is gonna suck. They've promised we can park in another lot owned by the same company but it's not as convenient and hopefully won't be full by the time I get there (still taking Molly out to N.O. East while babysitter is in India). I'm going to bring lunch to avoid the lunchtime crowds (and raised prices, I'm sure) and hopefully they won't need me to leave the office tomorrow and lose my parking spot. The newspaper said some companies in my building are letting their employees leave at 2 or 3:00 to avoid the traffic, so I'm holding out hope for that. Wish me luck!!!

Oh, and, does anybody know how to get a CD out of a car stereo that's no longer attached to a car? I wouldn't worry about it but it's a good CD (U2 18)!

*I know it's Loverboy but I got nothin' else.


K-Leen said...

If you don't want the stereo anymore I would say take it apart, other wise plug it back into the car just to get power to it and get the cd out.

Patti said...

I don't know how to plug it back into the car!!! Any locals who can help?