Saturday, December 8, 2007

Murphy can take his law and shove it!!!

Things have been rolling along pretty well here. I took the day off due to lack of a babysitter, and because of that I was able to pick up H1 and SIL(H) from the airport. While I was parking, I found a $20 bill on the ground in the parking garage! J calls and says he's almost at the exit for the airport (coming home from Baton Rouge) so he stops to join Molly and I in greeting M/H. Then, Chiamom calls and says we're going out to dinner to celebrate H1's birthday - sweet! Fabulous day, right? Right.

Then, apparently I catch Murphy's eye. J and I are on our computers, checking to see what we missed during the day, and he mentions he got an e-mail Thursday from a "charity company" that we had ordered some Christmas gifts from. Apparently, someone broke into their database and stole credit card info. Hmmm. So we continue doing our web-surfing, and when I'm done, I just click on our bank to make sure everything's kosher (it is channukah, right?). (See what I did there - kosher, channukah, hahaha) So I click on our credit card b/c it looks a little higher than normal, but I figured maybe J charged some stuff while he was out of town. Wrong! There were 2 charges for about $1100 on the bill. So we called our bank - more stuff hadn't hit yet. These bastards charged up about $2000 on our credit card - electronics and flowers (5 times with the flowers, what gives?) and even $1 for itunes! Who pays for downloads, anyway? (just kidding if the federal government or law enforcement or a company representative from apple is reading this. heh heh)

So. It's 2 1/2 weeks until Christmas, we are overdrawn, and our credit card has been cancelled. (Yes, we are one of those weird families who only have 1 credit card) I am going to the Christmas (I mean Holiday) party and then drink my cares away!!! Merry Christmas Murphy, you son of a bitch!


pops said...

Hey! I pay for music downloads.

Hannah said...

Ouch, that sux!