Sunday, December 9, 2007

Strange things are amiss at the local Circle K*

Last night was an evening of highs and weirds....

We had a GREAT time at the Christmas Party. Drinks were flowing and I enjoyed spending time with H1, SIL (who really had to make the rounds as everyone wanted to see/meet her) and, of course, my honey-bunny. Dinner was delicious, we all had a few laughs and it all went off without a hitch. After that we met up with H2 and friends at a bar near Chiapop's house. While we were there, some old drunk guy hit a car parked on the street near the bar, left a note, drove off, and came back to the bar to do some drinkin'. SIL checked the note and it was legit, it was his business card - it appears he's a lawyer. (I guess he's a good one if he knows how to admit fault w/o getting a DUI, right?) Shortly after, J and I go home.

Now let me backtrack a few hours. Mom arrived at our house to babysit at 6:00. We left shortly after. As we were walking out the door, she asked if the H2's truck was okay parked in front of the neighbors house, as she was across from a driveway. It'll be fine, people park there all the time, was my reply. (It's true, even though we all have driveways, our streets have a lot of parked cars - maybe we have a lot of popular neighbors?) Anyhoo, we come home, mom drives off, and our phone rings...there's a note on the truck winshield and a huge dent in the side of the truck!!! Apparently our neighbor hit it. Damn, mom, wanna pick some lottery numbers for me? The note said she'd already called her insurance company and the police, so that's a good sign that things are gonna work out.

Today we're supposed to get a Christmas tree, have lunch with the fam, see M/H to give them their Christmas gifts and go over the kids' stuff, then J will take them to the airport this evening. As usual, their visit was too short!

*shout out to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

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Hannah said...

What a great time, it was awesome. Not the truck denting ... the partying!