Monday, November 5, 2007

Life is like a box of chocolates*

Wow, two GREAT weekends in a row!!! I can honestly say, terriffic weekends. Life is good.

In a nutshell: Last weekend we went to the D-Day Museum for J’s birthday. It was great and I highly recommend visiting. There is something for everyone to find interesting. J laughed that I ran past all the weapons and stuff but I couldn’t get enough of the personal items (letters, clothing, etc.). BB liked it but she was sort of bored, Molly fell asleep. I would go back again w/o the kids to see more of the stuff that I was interested in.

This weekend I took the girls to the zoo for Swampfest. We went with one of BB’s friends (and her mother) that we don’t see as often as we should. BB made a wooden toy boat at the Home Depot tent, we rode the train and the carousel, and just generally had a good time. Then we came home to J’s BBQ and had a quiet night catching up on a few shows that we missed last week.

I guess part of the reason for my great weekends is that besides doing fun stuff I’m also getting stuff done. In the last two weeks I cleaned (and I mean cleaned - got rid of the kids for a few hours and tore into it) Ian’s, BB’s, and Molly’s rooms, cleaned out the pantry and laundry room, and worked on the dining room. Next, I’d like to tackle the hall closet and the pots/pans area in the kitchen – ugh! (What I’d really like to do, though, is the back yard, however, there is no dump to speak of in NO right now so we are stuck with all our crap in the back yard and no where to put it.) But, when I’m done with the house I’ll feel like I’m ready for the holidays.

Speaking of holidays – this is the first year I won’t be going to the craft fair in about 8 years or so and I’m a bit bummed about that (I assume Mom is too, although I’ll understand if she goes w/o me). I just can’t take that Friday off like we usually do b/c I’ve missed so many days due to babysitter woes and J works that Saturday so he can’t stay with the kids (I refuse to go with a stroller ever again), then that Sunday is a BBQ for our friend Blue who will be visiting (haven’t seen him in years – lives in Ohio, I think) and also BB’s friend M’s birthday party (out of all of her friends, this is the one we can’t skip – gonna have to figure out how to balance with BBQ on same day). So, since all these various obligations are working against me this year, I’ve decided there must be some reason that I am not privy to that I am not meant to go.

BUT, the following weekend is the Holiday Party. I hear it’s all about drinks and fun, so I am looking forward to that. A little bird told me I’ll be seeing an out-of-town coworker (and her wonderful spouse) there.
Also coming up is the American Heart Assoc.’s Heart Walk, which we are going to walk w/KenEllie – I enjoyed the BreastWalk, so the HeartWalk should be fun, too. That is also the first day of Thanksgiving vacation for Ian and BB (jealous!).

*and I'm gonna eat every one!!!


Hannah said...

Talk about Clean Machine, eh? I am jealous!! I want my house that clean (like your house is every dirty, with three kids your house is ALWAYS spotless!).

Can't wait for the holiday party. It will be nice to visit the dirty NoLa and not drive! Miss you and J and the kids and all the laughs we are going to have very, very soon!

Hey, before I forget, I think someone owes me Trick or Treat pics of those beautiful babies! I'm just saying.

hubby#1 said...

I love ya, babe. If you need to get it off of your chest, you can clean the garage out as well:>

Patti said...

If you will watch the kids for a whole weekend, that garage will sparkle like the top of the Chrystler building!!!

Sara Aimee said...

Hey, I will sponser you in the Heart Walk! Do you have a website?
I cleaned this past weekend, too, right after my first motorcycle class (I was the only one to drop my bike :( Not hurt, just embarrassed.) I did ok on the rest of it.
I wish I could get down to see all!!Miss you all.