Monday, October 29, 2007

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles*

*okay, maybe just automobiles

So, I'm driving around the city on Friday, and I see something I don't think I've ever seen before: a guy in a car smoking a pipe. I've seen people driving while smoking cigars, cigarettes, even "funny cigarettes", but never a pipe. I wonder if his seats are leather and he thought he was in his study?

Pet peeve - this one drives (haha - "drives") me nuts: when you're at the grocery store, and you finish shopping and push your cart out to your car. After you unload your cart, you either walk it back to the store, or over to the "cart corral", or even into the + between the spaces (near the fronts of the cars...BUT DON'T JUST PUSH IT BEHIND THE CAR PARKED NEXT TO YOU!!!!! To me, that shows a complete lack of respect for the person parked next to you. You are so important that other people must move your cart for you? I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say it's little things like that that fortell the eventual breakdown of our society. I'm not kidding. It's true. Seriously.

We went to "Trunk or Treat" on Saturday night for BB. Basically, the parking lot at the school (in our case it's an arch-shaped driveway) we pulled up our cars, decorated for halloween, opened the trunk (or hatch) and passed out candy. I didn't want to go but it turned out to be a lot of fun!

And, it's finally happened: Ian is asking about learning to drive. He'll be 15 in 9 months and wants to learn to drive a stick and an automatic. He's hoping I'll take him out to learn how to drive a stick in my car (K-leen, I'll call you with the dates if you still want to learn, maybe I'll give a class- haha) and has hinted that maybe Chiapop will teach him to drive on the grandmarquis. I'm pretty sure I'm not ready for this.


Hannah said...

The thought of Ian behind the wheel doesn't scare me as much as the thought of BB behind the wheel. She probably already has a points system in place. HA!

K-Leen said...

Definitely give me a call! Then I'll really be able to drive anything!

Aunt Maggie said...

Stock up on the Valium now! You'll need it first time going ANYWHERE and the first time going over 15 mph with the teen behind the wheel!

coolestdadalive said...

What are you guys talking about? Ian drove great on Sunday at 20 mph all the way until he hit a tree. Stop hatin'.