Saturday, November 17, 2007

Christmas is All Around

Don't ask me why, but I'm so excited H1 and SILH are getting a Christmas tree! I'm absolutetly beside myself with excitement...again, goofy, but I guess for me it's a telling sign that they are happy and settled into their new life in H-town. The fact that it's a black tree w/black lights just kind of puts "their" stamp on it.

Okay kids, as long as I'm on the subject, any Christmas wishes would be nice. I would like to give you all thoughtful gifts, things that you look at and think "P&J gave us that, they know us so well" but I'm just starting to really think it out and some help would be appreciated.

Got a BB moment for ya: I'm getting ready for work Friday, and she comes into the bathroom and says, "Mom, I accidentally said a bad word." Well, I was running late and told her it was okay, it was an accident and I'm sure she'll never say it again. Later in the day, I'm thinking, "wow, we really need to tone it down w/the cursing. If stuff is starting to pop out of BB's mouth, maybe it's worse than I thought." So last night, I asked her what the word was. "Tell me the first letter" I said. "H." Hmmm, okay, "hell", right? No, "helly" was the word. She was rhyming and that came out. What a goofball!

House update: dryer fixed, poopy done except for Molly, internet almost done - just need to hook up a new router, J is home. Life is good once again!!!

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Hannah said...

You and J must be the best parents on the planet. What kid tells on them self for saying a bad word. If I have kids, will you raise them? hehe

Miss you all!!!