Sunday, November 18, 2007


Thank you sooooo much Dad for fixing my internet!!!! As I sit here, at home, on our laptop, connected and happy, I thank you. You are awesome!!!!

J and I cleaned the garage today. It took about 6 hours and approximately 2 truckloads of trash, but it's done (mostly, there are a few things that need to be handled, but for the most part, done). We got all the bicycles, both motorcycles, the boat has nothing that's not boat-related in it, and even a shelf just for motorcycle helmets and such! It's awesome! Now, all I have to worry about is Ian's closet.....the dreaded black hole. If you lean into that closet and trip over something there is no coming back to this earthly plane, you're gone for good. I intend to change all that, probably around Thanksgiving. So, for those who are keeping count, laundry room, hallway closet, my closet, kitchen cabinets, all 3 kids rooms, and now the garage are all clean. To do: Ian's closet and front hall closet. Then, a break. Until it all starts again.....

I'll leave you with this question to ponder. At dinner tonight, Ian called himself a buccaneer (long story) and BB thought he said "f*ckaneer. My question to you is, if that were a word, would that word be an insult or a compliment?



Well...a buccaneer is defined as a ruthless adventurer, that preyed on the Spanish during the 17th century. If this is the case, a
"f*ckenneer" would be a sexual deviot that preys on the hispanic (D.J.?, Kenny?) community. I believe its a compliment!!!!

Hannah said...

It's a compliment only if you aren't the hispanic being preyed upon. HA