Sunday, August 26, 2007

Grab a drink, a snack, and your bunny slippers, you're gonna be here awhile...

How about I just dive right in...

Ian - it's so weird to realize he's growing up. We were watching the Saints preseason game the other night and he was talking with the guys and mentioning plays and players from last year!!! I can't even tell you who's on the team now! He had a pretty good grasp of what was going on and kept up with the conversation very well. Speaking of football, he's joined the football team at BMHS (I think - if I understood correctly, you don't have to try out). And boy howdy, what an attitude!!! He goes from being sweet and lovey to shooting daggers out of his eyes!!! But he is still a good boy, I hope we have laid (lay? lain?) a good foundation that will last through the teenage years.

Bridget- Jeez Louise! She is a pip!!! Her newest obsession is Webkinz. It seems to be a children's version of The Sims, except you have to buy the stuffed animals and charms, etc. to be able to play. They are pretty cute, but I can tell I'll be over this before she will! Also, she's been playing cards with my father-in-law. She is "teaching" him to play some game I never heard of before called "Garbage" and suddenly she yells out "Okay, Grandpa, it's time to Smoke out the Bees!!" I almost fell off my chair laughing, she comes up with some crazy stuff! Using "crazy" as a segue...She asks me today in the car if I think Texas is crazy. She then proceeds to tell me everyone in Texas IS crazy, except Uncle Mike-but, he only uses toilet paper with lotion in it. (WTF?!! Where does she get this stuff?) BUT, the strangest thing she told me the other day...out of the blue, she says "Brown (meaning African-American) people are mean." I said no, honey, they're just like you and me, and she stated 4 specific incidents that we had witnessed recently of black folk yelling at their kids, and one instance where a mom screamed at her kid and left him in the car while she went into the store (If I had known she went into the store, and not driven away as I had thought, the police would have been informed - BB states the kid was around her age. This particular incident has apparently really bothered her as she has mentioned it on a few occasions.). While I am constantly amazed at her scope of memory, and find the way she pieces together her information very interesting, I could not in good conscience let her continue with this train of thought. So, while I explained to her that people of all races can be mean to their kids, I'm pretty sure she doesn't believe me.

and finally, Molly - she has a toy iPod that she brings with her EVERYWHERE. She really is a member of this family. She loves it - she even dances while it plays children's songs. It's really cute. Also, she loves peek-a-boo. She'll duck under a table or behind a chair and then stand up and say her version of the word, which sounds pretty close, actually. She's getting cuter every day. She's got a new baby (6mos) at daycare, and I hear she's a bit jealous!!! Hahaha - it's good for her!!!

I went to Superior Grill with Mom and Dad Friday, turned into a disaster - had to leave before we ever got our food. But, the company was good. I love my lunch dates with Chiamomandpop. On the way back to work, I saw my first anti-abortion rally. It was not what I expected - just 4 men and a sign and a blowhorn (or whatever those things are called). Pretty pathetic. I think everyone who reads here knows I am pro-life, but if you're gonna have an anti-abortion rally, I feel like there should at least be one woman there. Call me old-fashioned, but it's just not the same. I know, I know, father's rights and all that, it just seems hollow when it's all men who are doing the protesting, that's all I'm sayin'.

And, lastly, many of you know the in-laws came in last week. It has been a pleasant, uneventful visit, however, my not-quite-OCD has been on full throttle all week!!! If you think I'm bad on a normal day, you should see me when there's a house full of people. That's all I'm sayin'.

I don't have much to blog about J - he got back from his two-week trip and was only home for 3 days before we got company. Needless to say we haven't had any time alone with each other, so I am looking forward to that, especially as he leaves for BR again on Sunday. Hopefully he remembers who I am when he gets back. Maybe I should slip a photo in his wallet?

Oh, KenEllie, your cat's new name is Tinkle-bot.


Hannah said...

BB is so cute!! Sounds like all is going well. Never a dull moment with those kids huh?? hehe

H1 said...

For the record, BB is correct. It's called Charmin Plus and it has Aloe in it. For my tender bottom. Ha ha.