Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Things you see on the back of a boda-boda

A "boda-boda" is a bike (sometimes bicycle, sometimes motorbike) used as a "taxi" in Uganda. We saw many strange things on the back, including farm animals and a coffin. Lately, I've been seeing things here on trucks that, this far post-K seem normal, but to a newcomer might seem weird. These include: a house (yawn, see those every day at this point), a double-sized classroom (saw this one with BB in the car this weekend, she was amazed), a giant dog in a bikini (yes, saw that one on the Earhart overpass - even Post-K that one's not normal), and your everyday, average furniture. Last week, I saw a big pre-fab house being brought in, then the next day it was on the slab and by the 3rd day there was a 1/2 second story! It looked just like it had been there forever!

I was driving to work today and thought that even though it might be politically incorrect, I'd really like to go to the Civil War Museum (formerly the Confederate Museum). I think it would be interesting and I'm pretty sure the kids would like it. (yup, we start 'em young here - trips to the Civil War Museum are their first step towards indoctrinatin' them into the "Southern Culture")


Hannah said...

Ahh, childhood racism. Good stuff. I have to say that I have wanted to visit the museum too. It looks interesting.

And I don't think it is wrong to take the kids ... "If we forget our history, we are doomed to repeat it." I can't remember who said that but someone did.

pops said...

Mom and I went with, I think, DJ and Kenny. It was interesting. I didn't find it offensive.

Louisiana Rose said...

It had lots of uniforms, buttons, old rusty shells and guns, etc. it was pretty cool! Also diaries (that were hard to read) and things like that.

hubby#1 said...

I think that would make a good weekend romp. Maybe the D-D museum at some point. We only live 7 miles from these museums. We might as well appreciate them.