Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hair today, Gone tomorrow

Hmmm...where to begin? We all got haircuts this weekend, except Molly. Ian got his "I got to grow my hair all summer but now that school's about to start it's gotta get chopped" cut, J and BB got trims, and my hair is now between chin/shoulder length. It's not exactly what I wanted but it's a good transitional cut until I can get rid of this perm. SIL(E) went today to get her hair cut off for "Locks of Love", but I haven't heard from them so at this point I don't know how it went. I know she used to have short hair, but I've never seen her without long hair, not even in pictures. I'm curious to see how she looks!!!

J and I had a wonderful anniversary date. The Mexican was kind enough to come over and babysit. We started out at Fire of Brazil and had drinks and dinner. Then we walked around a bit before settling on a carriage ride through the quarter, and rounded off the night with drinks at Napoleon House. It was so romantic and fun!!

Picked up my Beta fish to bring to work. We had a fish at Children's that I found very relaxing, so I thought once I passed the '12-week mark' I'd go out and get one. It's now been 12 weeks+ so I picked up "Allequat" this weekend and will bring him to his new home tomorrow. Can't wait!

Here's something that's been bobbling around in my head for a few days: Long story short, the crackhead that lives across the street from my parents (refresher: he stabbed his lover to death not too long after the storm and claimed it was "natural causes" and apparently because his parents have connections he is not in jail). Well, he went to jail again last week for buying drugs (sidenote: he's out of jail already). But here's the thing. He rode his bike to the drug buy. I don't know why that strikes me as funny. You're not supposed to ride your bike, you either walk or drive over in your car. I'm sure there's some unwritten drug dealer rule that you don't ride a bike over to buy your drugs. It just seems, I don't know, wrong. I mean, yes, buying drugs is wrong, but this is like two wrongs...not making a right. (Sorry, couldn't resist) Anyway, I just have a mental image of this skinny cracked-out guy riding over on his big red bicycle with a basket on it (a la Pee Wee) and it cracks me up (no pun intended).


H1 said...

What a coincidence, I also got my hair chopped last Thursday. Tis the season? Well, either way it's hot as Hell this summer and it felt a lot better after I was done.

Hey, maybe "Pee Wee" was gonna hide his drugs in the basement at The Alamo. I'm just sayin. Ha ha ha.

Hannah said...

I wanna cut my hair too!! I's skeered though. Waay too skeered.