Friday, June 22, 2007

First Word?

We're at Outback last night having dinner, and we are pretty sure Molly said her first word....Was it Mama? No. Was it Dada? No. It was Brother. I am not kidding - it sounded like "Bu-tha". She said it several times, so we got a good listen to the sound, and we're pretty sure that's what it is. I guess Ian's gotta be feeling pretty good right about now!

Add this to the BB insult file: We're watching TV, and a commercial for some eye "puff/cream" product comes on. "You need to get that mom, it will erase your wrinkles." So I ask her, "I have wrinkles?" "Oh yes, lots!"

Add this to the BB smarty-pants file: We're watching TV (a show that will remain nameless b/c I'm too embarassed to admit we were watching it), and Daddy Yankee is the featured guest singer. So he starts singing his song (English and Spanish) and BB says "He can sing in English and Spanish, that makes him bilingual." J and I just looked at her in amazement and said "That's right, BB. Good job!"

Oops! The Boss just walked in - more later!


pops said...

I can't believe that the first word wasn't "Paw Paw". What's up with that?

Sorry to hear about your "fence" fiasco. Hope you can get the missing pieces.

Hannah said...

Fence? What's up with the fence?