Tuesday, June 19, 2007

funnies... (*updated 6/20)

So I'm holding Molly, who is staring at the television, and J says, "Hey, Vidiot". She keeps staring at the TV, so he says it louder, "HEY, VIDIOT". We hear Ian from his bedroom, "What?" Hahahahaha!!! We really have them trained well.

H1 and SIL(H), there is an upside to your living in Mexico, I mean Texas...you have been spared from the latest round of BB comments:
To H2 (on his birthday) "How come you're 28 years old and still live with your parents?" (His reply, "To take care of them" - good save!)
To me, about SIL(E) "I want to be just like SIL(E), except not short and not a doctor." (she wants to be a teacher) What do you say to that? I just said "Okay."

Molly has started antibiotics for an ear infection - I can see a difference after just 24 hours - yay!! J is on antibiotics for his tooth - I can see a difference after just 24 hours - yay - on the plus side, it's also helping his sinus infection!!

Nothing else going on - working like crazy but still enjoying my new job. J loved his class and is looking forward to next month, Ian likes enrichment, BB likes camp, and Molly still likes Ms. D. I guess all is well with the world, hope your world is good too.

*How can I say nothing else is going on? Molly is crawling!!! She's scooting all over - yesterday she crawled from the living room to Ian's room! Looks like it might be time for the "gate" to keep her out of the hallway...


Louisiana Rose said...

And finally MY family is OFF antibiotics!! YAH!!
H2 you're doing a good job! Keep it up! And to go along with that I found out at work they did not have a birthdate listed for me. They gave me Jan 1, 1800 !! So I'm glad H2 is there , I obviously need him at my age!

Hannah said...

I can not wait to see Molly crawl and listen to BB make un-PC comments (but so damned true!) and Ian do his teenager "huh?" Miss you all and can't wait to see you soon!!

And Mom, 1800?? Dang, you sure did age well!!