Friday, June 29, 2007

In the Summertime, when the weather is high...*

*I think that's Mungo Jerry?

Wow, it sure is hot outside! Part of my job is to drive from my office (I have to walk two blocks and cross over 6 lanes of traffic to get to my car) to a federal building in Elmwood. It's about 16 miles away. I've gone about 12 times this month, mostly around 3:00 pm. It's hot! According to my car, it's usually 93-97 degrees at that time. By the time I get there I'm totally sweating, even with the A/C on. Then, when I get back I still have to walk back to my office. I've got to find something else besides twinsets (i.e. sweaters) to wear to work!!

Another wierd work fact: I have heard of seersucker suits, but never actually seen one...until I started this job. There are seersucker suits everywhere. Is this just a New Orleans phenomenon, or is it the South in general? Does it stretch to other parts of the country? It's funny, someone walked past me this week in a seersucker suit and I started wondering if my boss owned one - I couldn't decide if he would or not. Guess what he wore to work the very next day? You got it - a seersucker suit! For the record he looked very nice in it.

Many thanks to Chiapop and Chiamom for my wonderful birthday gift -a hot pink computer keyboard and mouse, and pink speakers! I'm using the keyboard as we speak, it's a real hit at work! One coworker called them sassy - yeah, she's right! I kept the speakers at home, as I do not want any type of noise to emit from my work computer ever since mom sent me that freakin' "chicken in a nursing home" e-mail. You could hear chickens squawking up and down the hallway in my office!!! So I panicked and turned off the computer, waited a minute, then turned it back on - you guessed it - chickens again!!! I had to call her to tell me how to turn it off - I thought I was fired for sure!!!

A couple of things I really like about this new job: I get to talk/e-mail SIL(H) several times a day, end-of-the-month coctails (like today, for example), trips to the MMS (breaks the monotony of the day, even if it is HOT!!!), I love the view from my boss' office - you can see the West Bank and most of New Orleans from his windows. Breathtaking!

Family stuff: Molly said Mama! Actually, more like "mamamama" because she wanted to get out of her bed! She had an ear infection but just finished her antibiotics. That hasn't stopped her from crawling all over the place!!! As soon as you turn your head she is gone!! Today is Ian's last day of summer enrichment. I think he really enjoyed it and it will be much easier for him when he starts school and knows where everything is and knows the teachers and has a few friends. He has had to wear "dress shorts" and a polo-type shirt w/belt and he has been looking so handsome. I can't believe how much he's growing up! (sniff, sniff) BB has been at summer camp and she loved that. They have a huge pool so she now has a great tan! She'll probably be taking swimming lessons very soon.

Happy Anniversary this weekend to KenEllie! I can't believe it's been a whole year already!


pops said...

So you see, all those worries for nuttin'! Soon you'll be lovin' the job, same as DIL1!

We're glad you liked the gift, late as it was.

You always read about seersucker suits in books about the "old' South, so I guess it is a Southern thing. An "Old Southern gentleman" thing.

Louisiana Rose said...

We used to wear seersucker pajamas to bed at night growing up in New York.

Deacon Dean said...

And, it is indeed Mungo Jerry. I found a cover of it on youtube with Slash and Billy Idol that was pretty rockin'!