Sunday, May 13, 2007

Whole Lotta Nothing Going On

Finished my first week at the new job. I think I'm going to like it, I hope they're going to like me. It's still a little (a lot) confusing, and that part I hate, but hopefully it will start to get better soon. The employees are very nice. They're very big on the birthday thing - Friday at least 25 people told me happy birthday! Wow, what a welcome! My co-workers from the old job called to say HB too, that was very sweet. Got to go on a "field trip" Friday to another client's office. By the end of the day my legs were tired, it took me a moment to realize I walked 20 blocks that day!!! 5 blocks there and 5 blocks back, two trips. But it was nice to get out and walk around the streets of downtown New Orleans.

No news on Dad, the last I heard he might come home Monday? Tuesday? Don't know if they ever figured out what was causing his cellulitis, or how to fix it. Basically, I know nothing. He likes the facility, they play lullabies on the loudspeaker whenever a baby is born. J wants to know if they play TAPS whenever someone dies.

So yesterday, I walk past BB's bedroom and I see her standing with one foot on top of her "bed steps" and one foot a little higher, resting on her plastic seat from her play vanity. "Don't stand on the seat because it's plastic and will break", I tell her. "I won't, I've just Got A Little Captain In Me", is her reply!!! The marketing genius who thought up that slogan for Captain Morgan's should get a raise.

We survived May Festival/May Crowning last weekend, Ian's sports banquet was this past Friday, his 8th grade dance was last night (yes, he danced with several girls) and Monday is his 8th grade graduation. BB's Kindergarden graduation is Wednesday. Ian's 8th grade field trip to Tennessee is Fri though Monday, then, all I have left to get through is BB's dance recital on Memorial Day. This has been a busy month!

Happy Mother's Day to my dear mother! Glad you're home for good!

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J said...

Happy Mothers Day to you, my dear!! Had a good day. I love You,