Sunday, May 13, 2007

Did you just see that?

I'm on my way home from W-mart today, and I watch the car in front of me pull into the lane to the left - right into a truck!! It was obviously in his blind spot, but it was there nonetheless. So we continue through the intersection and I pull into the parking lot and watch the two drivers get out and the man starts yelling and pointing at the lady in the truck. She gets out and says something, then the man starts yelling again and she gets back into her truck. I call my hubby to confirm I'm doing the right thing, then I approach and say I'm a witness. He's thrilled until I tell him it was his fault, then he tells me my version is not what happened. Please, I was right behind you - I even said "He's gonna hit that truck" right before he did!!! So I give them both my name and number, then a pizza guy comes over and says he saw the whole thing and the guy is in the clear. "Where were you?" the guy asks pizza man. He says he was behind the guy. When I point out that I was actually behind him, he changes his story and says he was behind me. The whole time the car guy was very emphatic that she was at fault - almost intimidating. So, hopefully I helped someone today. The way I saw it, without a witness, who were they going to believe - the older white guy in the Mercedes, or the black lady in the truck? Plus, the way they hit each other, it might look like it was her fault, but he drove into the front/side of her truck. At this point, my only worry is that this guy is an attorney who works for "my" firm. I'm still at the point where I don't recognize anyone yet. That would be just my luck!! So, I'm expecting a call any day now, the fact that I didn't hear anything from the cops today is good news for her? Don't know, hopefully it all works out.

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