Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Started my new job yesterday. So far, so good. Everyone seems nice and I think they like me, hopefully they still like me once I've been there a bit. It sucks to start a new job, you go from being the "go to" person to being the office idiot. That part's not fun. But hopefully I'll start picking stuff up as I go along and won't feel so stupid. I was pretty excited that I'd get to park by mom's house and take the ferry and walk to work every day but that went out the window. I knew there would be days when I would have to drive to another office, but I thought they'd be planned in advance and I'd just take my car those days. Not so, it could be anytime, unannounced, and I have to drive (and pay dearly for downtown parking) every day. Other than that it's pretty good. My ears pop on the way up in the elevator (48th floor). It's kind of weird, I haven't filled out any new employee paperwork yet, so there's no proof that I've been there - "what paycheck? We don't know who you are!". They did take me to lunch today to say hello, Thai food - very good. Had a great time and hopefully I'm still employed there tomorrow!

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