Friday, May 4, 2007


Well, I've calmed down a bit. H1's reply was very good - I hadn't realized it but he's right, they had to hire 2 people to replace me! Thanks H1 ;) It was a nice day up to that point. My good friend "DD" brought a torte, then I goofed around most of the morning, letting the temp handle the work and answering questions as they arose. We went to lunch at a fine dining establishment, Clancy's. It was a nice 2 hour lunch. While we were there it started pouring, so we stayed for dessert and coffee. Still pouring outside. Chatted some more...still pouring. I think you get the picture. I drove everyone (I wanted to use my car) to lunch, so I had to run outside and get in then drive up to the curb and pick everyone up. We were all barefoot and had our pants rolled up to our knees - it was too funny. I asked an employee to take our picture with our shoes off/pants rolled up, so she did, then took another "just in case". Later in the day I checked my pics and realized the two pictures of us barefoot were from the thighs up! Great. But you can see we are holding our shoes, and I guess it's a funny story to remember about my last day. My office gave me a very nice parting gift: a VISA gift card, two beautiful frames (one for my new desk and one for the wall), a sleek folio, and a nice bag (messenger-type bag). They are so sweet and I am really going to miss them. I've known P for six years or so, MA for two + years, and DD only since the hurricane but I feel like I've known him forever. They were truly wonderful co-workers and I will miss them dearly. The rest of the bullshit I will not miss and I'm glad I don't have to deal with it anymore.

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Louisiana Rose said...

Keep in mind THEY (your doctors and co-workers) will really miss you too. And if there are 2 new hires they will probably be spending alot of time just "rolling their eyes" as life goes on. But the patients will always appreciate the little things or the efficiency you've shown during their times of crisis!
I always try to say thank you, but often you miss thanking those who you know have gone over and above for you. Aren't all those patients gonna be surprised when they come in for a monthly or tri-monthly exam? Remember, you made a difference in THEIR lives!