Friday, May 4, 2007

I think my head just popped off my body.

So I'm sitting at my desk with 90 minutes to go...I get a call from my supervisor who is trying to get in touch with the doctor at my other office (you know, the office I've been "temporarily" working for since December 05). She then proceeds to tell me they've decided to hire a secretary for that position and they're getting a temp in Monday morning. Now, this REALLY pisses me off for two reasons:
1. I've been telling them for months that it's too busy and they need to hire a secretary for that office. They wait until 90 minutes before I'm gone for good to hire someone?!
2. Why did they have to tell me? Why couldn't they have waited until Monday since the temp isn't coming until Monday anyway? Nothing would have changed. She just wanted to make sure I knew before I left. Bitch.
This whole incident just reaffirms my decision to leave. I gave this place 13+ years of my life. I have made some dear friends that I'm going to miss, but I sure as hell won't miss this place.


H1 said...

Congrats again. I really don't like that lady. I'm quite sure she is just hating because you are moving on and she is stuck there. That should also let you know they didn't feel they NEEDED another person because you kick so much ass! Now that you're leaving they have to hire 2 poeple to take up the slack. You go girl, you freakin rule! Have a good weekend.

theman said...

Stop bitchin' and make me some coffee!!!

I love you my dear. Stop the stress over a job that no longer matters. It may have been 13 years of your life, but it got us to where we need to be, so that you can do something that YOU want to do on your terms.