Friday, May 18, 2007

In Case Anyone Forgot...

Can't wait!!!

In other news, our whirlwind month of May is almost over. The May Festival was wonderful. The Kindergarten/8th grade court was lovely. The May Crowning the next day was nice, too. The next week was final exams for 8th grade (Ian was exempt from all exams because he already had an A in each subject - 3rd year in a row to be exempt!). May 11 was my birthday so J, BB, Molly and I went to dinner - DJ took Ian to his athletic banquet. Then May 12 was the 8th grade dance, and May 13 was Mother's Day. We had a wonderful day as a family. J and Co. took me shopping - yay! Then Monday (5/14) was 8th grade graduation - Ian was valedictorian (we're so proud of him). Wednesday (5/16) was Kindergarten graduation - BB was valedictorian (we're so proud of her, too!). Molly has some big footsteps to follow!!! Tonight Ian is leaving for his 4 day 8th grade trip, so we are going to an early congratulations on graduation/valedictorian dinner, then he has to be at the school by 9pm. He'll be back on Monday night. Then, all we have left is the dance recital on May 28. Whew!

Now, while all this is going on, I started my new job May 7. I like it a lot...I feel like I'm catching on a little bit, but there's so much more to learn! They seem surprised I keep coming back and I am surprised they let me!

Dad is doing better, I think. I know after surgery he asked for his laptop, so that seems like a big clue to me! Of course we're all still worried about him and hope he can come home soon.

J and family are going to Houston next week to visit H1 and SIL. I don't know what I'm going to do by myself! It will be so wierd. Once when Ian was little, he was at a sleepover and J was working. I didn't know what to do with myself. I just kind of wandered around. It didn't occur to me until later I could have gone to a movie or something! The only other time I have been away from my family like this was when I was in Africa, but that was a little different! So, I'm anxious and excited. After it's all said and done, I'll probably end up cleaning the house while there are no little feet underneath me to interrupt...boring! But J and the kids are excited (so are H1 and SIL) so I'm sure everyone will have a great time!

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Hannah said...

H1 and I are so excited about the Spinney Fam (-you=WAHH!) coming to visit and please, please for the love of God, tell me you are going to do something other than clean while they are gone. I mean really!