Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Harry Potter. Harry Potter! Harry Potter!!!!!

I was going to write about how I cursed myself by chosing the name I did for this blog page. Molly was up sick ALL NIGHT. Neither J nor myself slept ALL NIGHT. But then, Kenny called. Kenny, my HP partner-in-borderline obsession. The cover art for the final book is out!!! It's pretty that a horcrux around his neck? Is that THE veil they're fighting around? WTF is all the treasure in the UK version? Alas, more questions, no answers. I guess we'll have to wait until July. *rubs her hands together with maniacal glee*

So basically, sick kid? no sleep? BFD - The HP cover art is out! The incredible, restorative properties of any HP update have worked their magic again - I am refreshed and invigorated. I feel the promise of a new day upon us.

Patti out.


Pops said...

So... When are you going to go public?

Pops, Again. said...

I just read the descriptor under your blog title. It's a shame one would need to caveat the "married mother of three" part, but that's life in the Big Sleazy.