Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm not crazy. You're the one whose crazy.

People who know me know I have food issues. Quirks, one might say. Some examples:

1. I do not eat or drink (especially milk products, not sure why) after other people. Not my husband, not my kids, NOBODY. I could be dying of hunger or thirst and if someone else used the fork or drank out of the glass, forget it. Actually, I can only think of one exception. We were at Chevy's (after a movie or something) and I started choking right after we sat down. The waiter promptly came to take our drink orders...I asked for water - I was visibly coughing/choking - and he continued to ask about drinks for the rest of the table. I couldn't wait, I really thought I was going to die. Just as I got up to go get a drink out of the bathroom faucet (BATHROOM FAUCET!!!) my mom remembered she had some leftover bottled water in her purse. I cannot tell a lie, I drank that water like I had never had a drink before! I drank and drank...until I stopped choking. Of course, that incident leaves me open for ribbing by family members on occasion, but at least i'm alive to retell the story!
2. I do not bring food or drinks into the bathroom or anywhere near the bathroom. Heaven forbid I'm walking past the bathroom door with food in my hand and someone opens it. That bathroom air covering my food is repulsive.
3. I do not take my food into a stairwell. I try to take the stairs when I can (translate: If I feel like it) but will not bring my food (even in a styrofoam container) into the stairwell.

So today at work some other non-food quirks came up:

1. I won't go into the bathroom right after someone has been in it.
2. I can't use the bathroom if I think someone can hear me.
3. It doesn't matter how many pieces of ice I put in my cup, I always have to top it off with two more pieces.
4. I have to make my bed in the morning. If I don't, I'll think about it all day.

One of my co-workers won't keep her toothbrushes in the bathroom b/c of germs. Maybe I need to do that, too. Is that OCD? Am I well on my way to becoming Monk? Or does everyone have little quirks they live with on a daily basis?


Pops said...

Almost without fail, if I buy something, I will buy two of them. I don't like cigarettes, I can't stand to touch them. The same for cigarette ashes. I like to mix my veggies into the mashed potatoes. I think cole slaw and spaghetti go good together! I have to watch the needle go in when I have blood drawn for labwork. The best thing to go with pizza is ice cold milk. I'll let you know if I think of anything else.

Husband #1 said...

I got one for ya. How did you learn to like guacamole? Got to love a man that can make you forget your fears!!!

Hannah said...

I got dairy issues myself. If it is anywhere near the expiration date, I trash it. I don't smell it first, I trash it.

We all got our issues but it nice to know you have them too, everyone just considers you perfect!