Thursday, March 10, 2011

Time to make the doughnuts...

Driving in the car with my teenage son this evening:

Me: There's the doughnut shop we ate in after we went out with Uncle Mike/Aunt Hannah.
Ian: Oh.
Me: They had a king cake doughnut.
Ian: Oooohhh - that's the place where you fell in love with the doughnut guy.
Me: I did not fall in love with the doughnut guy.
Ian: You hit on the doughnut guy?
Me: I did not hot on the doughnut guy.
Ian: The doughnut guy hit on you?
Me: *snorts* No, he did not hit on me.
Ian: Well, what happened with the doughnut guy?
Me: Hannah, Pam, Brenda, and I noticed the hot doughnut guy. That's all.
Ian: You mean you're not leaving Dad for the doughnut guy?
Me: *sigh*


H1 said...

I'm actually eating a donut while reading this. I love donut Fridays!

Hannah said...