Saturday, March 19, 2011

I know, I know...I never call, I never write....

I can't say how many times something funny has happened and I've said to myself, "I've got to remember to blog about this..." Yeah - good intentions and all that...

Molly grabbed my hand the other night and says, "Mommy, come see, come see!!" and shows me this:

Me: Oh how cute! It's a king cake!!
Molly: *looks at me like she's saddened by my lack of intelligence and blows out a sigh*
No, Mommy. It's a paper plate, and we cut it out and put paint and glitter and glued a crown on it.

Last night we went out to dinner, and on the way home, Bridget was telling us about a vampire book she's reading. Somehow the conversation got side-tracked, because the next thing I know, she's asking, "Vampires can't be gay, can they?" To which Jerrod answers, "Of course they can, read one of your mother's books. Oh wait, don't."


This is why I love springtime:

I took this picture standing in my back doorway. By the end of this week that bush will be a huge pink puff of color. Love it!!! (Yes, we have a "cajun chandelier" hanging at the top of that picture - we are high-klass. Jerrod and the girls made azalea necklaces this morning.


I'm thinking about taking the kids to Houston my birthday weekend so I can go see Charlaine Harris. I went out there over Mardi Gras and had a great time with Mike and Hannah. I'd make it a 3 or 4 day weekend I think (surprise M&H, lol), since we're not doing a "real" vacation this year. Of course, I still want to visit for our traditional 4th of July weekend visit too ;)


I'm super-excited about the "super moon" tonight. I love all things celestial so I've already been outside twice to look :)

Until next time....

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H1 said...

I like surprise visits. Can't wait to see you again. :)