Friday, October 8, 2010

Random Friday with F'ups :)

Just some random stuff, an embarrassment, and crazy thoughts while sitting in traffic:

First, let me get the family bit out of the way:

Ian is taking driver’s ed and guitar lessons. Judging by his facebook posts he seems to like both. (yes, we do actually talk, but sometimes I get the “real” picture from facebook)

Bridget joined the school choir, which means that on the last Sunday of each month I’ve got to drag my lazy ass out of bed to be at Mass at 9:00 *cries –too early!!!*

Molly asked me to stop singing in the car. Hello, she’s 4 years old and she’s a critic already?! You know what I did to the last kid who asked me to stop singing in the car (I’m refusing to see a pattern here) – I SANG LOUDER! Take that short stuff!


Speaking of facebook, I think most of you have seen the purse game: “I like it on….” Yeah, yeah, it’s supposed to be a mysterious secret, but when I log on to and there’s an article about it on the homepage, the jig is up… Anyhoo…Yesterday I saw a few posts about how this was insulting and my impression was a feeling of anger – this is doing nothing to help and breast cancer is not “cute” or “pink” and this is all bullshit. I was feeling kind of conflicted about it, I mean, yeah, it’s definitely an important issue and if you can, by all means donate to finding a cure. But if you’re not in a financial position to do that, and playing this game helps bring awareness, what’s the harm? I kept flipping back and forth, seeing both sides of the argument, but it wasn’t until I was speaking with hubs about it last night when it hit me. I turned 40 this year – this message is meant for me. Wow. That brought me up short. I mean, yes, I know women 40 and over should get annual mammograms. And I know I turned 40 this year. But I never put them together before yesterday. So maybe it’s not such a bad thing.


Next up for your reading enjoyment: My totally embarrassing e-mail gaffe.

As I’m sure you all know, my other love is my book blog. Occasionally, someone will contact me about reviewing a book. It doesn’t happen a lot, so when it does I’m super psyched and it’s possible I jump up and down a bit…Lately though, things have been busy at work and at home and I’ve had to refuse a few requests. Not too many, but still, I hate to do it. So, last week, I got a request I knew I wouldn’t be able to do. I copy/pasted a generic decline letter I typed up previously so that I'd always know what to say, made sure I mentioned the name of the book I was declining, and sent my regrets. I realized yesterday that what I actually sent was something like this:

Dear XXX,
Sorry, blah, blah, blah.

Now, the body of the letter was fine, I referred to the correct book and all was well. The signature was fine. The salutation? Not fine. I actually left it as “Dear XXX,” <--- OMG I am mortified! So, last night I sent her an apology. Whether that was the right thing to do or not, I don’t know, but it felt right to me. I definitely do not want to alienate anyone who might be interested in my blog, and I’m afraid that’s exactly what I did. *sigh* Oops.

Have you ever noticed it’s harder to walk diagonally DOWN stairs than UP them? I have a large flight of stairs that runs the length of my building at work, and I have to get from one end to the other to enter the building or get to the street, depending on if I’m coming or going. I’ve noticed it’s much easier going up the stairs at an angle. When I go down the stairs it seems like I’m falling all over my feet. I wonder why?


Last thing: this falls under the OMGWTFBBQ file…

Driving in to work this morning, I ended up behind “timid” drivers twice; once on a regular street and once in bridge traffic. You know who I’m talking about. They stay waaaaayyyyy behind the cars in front of them, don’t quite make it up to the speed limit, kind of hesitate at stop signs if there’s anyone else approaching…stay back until someone hands them an engraved invitation to merge…they drive me nuts!!!

So anyway, this morning I was thinking about the “timid” driver in front of me (as I silently seethed as car after car after car got in front of her in the toll lane) and out of the blue a thought popped into my head: Do these people act that way in bed too?<--- WTF is wrong with me? Where the hell did that thought come from?

That’s it. That’s all I got. Have a great weekend!!! If you're in Algiers on Sunday, Bridget's Girl Scout troop will be selling bricks painted black and gold with fleur-de-lis on them (I've seen them, they really are cute and only $5!) at Aurora's craft fair. Stop by, say hi to BB and support the Girl Scouts!

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Hannah said...

First, I want one of dem bricks!! save me one please. I'll pay, I promise.

Second, timid in traffic does not mean timid in bed. Michael is know for the being the "grandpa" driver but ... well, never mind.

Has Ian been playing his guitar for the ladies? We love that shi ... stuff.