Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Monday Miscellany on a Tuesday...

The three day weekend was nice and quiet.

Friday went to see Eclipse - my fave of the three movies so far. Loved the action and the music! I still don't think they'll win any awards, but for fans of the books they're fun.

My local used bookstore was closed, so that was kind of a bummer, but not too bad. Usually on Saturdays I take the girls to the used bookstore, where they have a drink and read and draw while I browse the shelves (don't worry - it's a teeny, tiny shoebox of a store, I'm not leaving them alone!). Then we go to McDonalds where they play in the (indoor, air-conditioned) Playplace and I read one of my new books. Then we come home and do chores (yuck!).

Sunday I came down with a mild stomach bug, I'm still not feeling great today but am at work. Bridget came down with it on Monday, so she laid around grumbling about her stomach most of yesterday. Of course Molly was jealous that Bridget got to eat tums.

Yesterday I stayed in my pajamas until around 4:00 pm. Oh, yeah, I sure did! Then J cooked dinner and made Sangria and you'd better believe I drank the Sangria, stomach bug or not!

My jury duty starts today but I called last night and my group didn't have to go in today so yay! I have to call every night for this week and next to see if I have to report for my civic duty the next day.

BB wrote down a slew of quotes Ian's teenage mind came up with while we watched Harry Potter the other night. Some gems like "Grasp your mandrake and pull firmly!" *snicker* Oh the joys of having a teenage boy in the house. He paused the movie so we could see how Mr. Weasley's tie looked like an "accidental dong". *sigh*

And Molly had a fit and threw a shirt onto the floor. I told her she had to pick it up and she said "But I want you to pick it up." I told her that wasn't going to fly, just ask her brother and sister. So she turned to them and said "Will you pick it up?" Hahaha - that girl is going to be the death of me when she's older.

I also have a pic of Bridget dressed like Alice from the Twilight movies that she asked me to post. Will try to remember when I get home tonight.


ChiaPop said...

Team ALICE! Oh, yeah!!

Hannah said...

Okay, first of all, made Sangria or purchased Sangria?

And, oh yeh, totally Team Alice!

Anonymous said...

2 weeks of Jury duty??? We have one day. And if your number's not on the recording, you're good until next time. I think not more than once a year!
....Auntie M