Thursday, May 27, 2010

Parenting Fail #7,342

So, it's been a little over a year since Ian injured his leg. He's had the brace (sometimes more than one at the same time) and because of the nerve damage he doesn't really use his leg below the knee. That leg has gotten skinnier than the other leg, and because of the brace, when he walks without shoes that foot clomps when it hits the floor.

Is it wrong that I've taken to calling his bad leg "the pirate leg"?

At least we stopped shouting "Release the Gimp!" when he leaves the house. That's progress, right?


Michelle Greathouse said...


I have always thought that laughter in the face of a challenging situation is a wonderful coping device. Especially if your family is like mine. :)


Hannah said...

You made soda come out my nose. Poor Ian!! You send him on over to Aunt Hannah so I can make fun of him too. Why should you get all the fun??

Patti said...

Michelle: If you think it's funny then, yeah, our families are probably similar :)

Hannah: Soda out the nose? Success!!!

Major Dad said...

I'm glad that he's getting better and his leg is improving. God willing, it will be perfect before its over. But know for the rest of his life, when he walks through the door, "Release the Gimp" will come out of my mouth!!!!!1hahahaha

Danielle87 said...

Ha ha ha ha. You're making him toughen up - nobody will be as cruel to him as his own family. Ha! I love it! "Release the Gimp!"