Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just passin' through...

I'm alive. I know everyone was worried. Busy, busy, busy!

Saturday morning I dropped Ian off at work at the neighborhood cafe he works at. Imagine my surprise when we pulled up in front and there was a tour bus with about 50 guys in kilts standing around!!! I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! (They were having breakfast before they marched in the St. Patrick's Day parade)

Bridget's birthday party was Saturday - she had a couple of friends join her for a hibachi dinner. The girls had a great time and it was a fun evening. The chef played to their age and did some silly stuff with the food and had some fun props. At one point during the evening, I overheard Bridget telling her friends how old I am. I told her you're not supposed to tell a lady's age and if she does feel the need to tell my age I'm really 21. She looks up at me and says "Not with those wrinkles you're not!" Ouch.

Sunday we sold Girl Scout cookies; Bridget had a blast. The girls were sooooo enthusiastic, I almost felt bad for the shoppers. I laughed so hard when she jumped out from behind a pillar in front of the store to ask a customer to buy cookies. Girl Scouts are Ninjas!

We also had a very nice visit with Aunt Sara that involved a shrimp boil on Sunday and shrimp bisque on Sunday.

On to less fun news: Ian has been having some new pain in his knee that he injured back in May, so I took him to see the orthopedist today. If I understood everything he said (we were there for 2.5 hours), Ian's ligament is stretched (it was super creepy to watch the doctors move his lower leg from side to side - ick!) and actually took a piece of bone with it. The stretching is causing him to roll his foot down when he walks, which is irritating that palsied nerve. They're going to have to do surgery to repair the ligament before he damages any cartilage or other stuff and while they're in there they're going to check the rest of the knee for any other damage not seen on x-rays/MRI and "explore the nerve". I think we're going to jump on this in the next month so he'll have all summer to recover. He'll be on crutches minimum 6 weeks after surgery. Poor Ian, he finished 10th grade on crutches and now it looks like 11th grade will end the same; my poor baby!!!


Cecile said...

Love the Girl Scout picture.... lol!!! I am glad that you had an overall great weekend. Loving up the kilts... Got pictures?? LOL!!

Sorry to hear about Ian's knee. I will keep sending my prayers to you.. and Ian!

Hannah said...

I always knew BB was a ninja, she got skills yeh!

Ian is going to be stronger, tougher and more fierce for his suffering. Which means when his children are going through these types of tragedies, he will be able to more fully support them!