Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mardi Blahs :(

Well, as excited as I was about Mardi Gras, it ended up being a wash out. Lil' Bit was sick through the week and as the temps were in the 40s during the times we would have been out on the parade route, I elected to be a responsible parent (yuck!) and stay home with her. I will say that on the plus side it was definitely a "snuggle" week.

Jerrod's job requires that he be out there for the Uptown parades (my favorites). This year my son went to work with him to fulfill his Christian Service Hours for school. I think I mentioned that Muses is my favorite parade....look what they brought home for me:

I don't know if Blogger is going to let me enlarge the pics, but there is all kinds of Muses plush, shoe necklaces, bracelets, and.....

The coveted Muses Shoe - not one, but two of them!!! In all my years of attending this parade I've never caught a shoe.

You guys are the best!!! Love you!!


Cecile said...

Awwwwww... how sweet! I am sorry to hear baby was not feeling well! But that was sweet of them to bring cool stuff back to you!

Hannah said...

Good loot!! Luckee!

ParaJunkee said...

We stayed in a lot too. Finally was able to get out and about for Sunday, hit the morning parades, but left for Mid-City, because OMG did it get crowded and the dog woosed out. LOL.

What's the hubs say about the crowds??? I really thought it was much much bigger than usual.

We hit Metairie for MG day, cause the dad lives a block off of Bonnabel and those crowds were crazy. Funny thought the floats kept on running into the barricades at the turn - which was really funny cause all the peeps had to get off the floats and then they had to wrestle the float over the neutral ground bumps...LOL. It was funny.

Hope the little one gets better.

Major Dad said...

The crowds were incredible out there. In all my years with the Sheriff's office, I have never seen crowds that thick on the uptown route. I scoped out Magazine and St. Charles at about 0800 in the morning and people were all ready wall to wall on Bacchus Sunday. I think next year I will put out on 870 am to tell people to clear the neutral ground (medium) 30 minutes after a parade so that the inmates can clean it for the next day.

Glad we could do something for you, honey. I'm sorry you missed your favorite parade.