Friday, February 19, 2010


It's finally Friday - yay!!! Let me tell you a bit about my week:

As I mentioned in my previous post, I did not get to go to the big parades this weekend because Molly-Moo was sick. It's okay, it's not like there won't be Mardi Gras next year. Heck - St. Patrick's Day is next month and there are several parades to chose from then, too.

I also think I've explained that because J is a five-oh, in addition to working his regular day shift he also has to work Parade details, so, like every other cop in New Orleans, they don't get to see home much over the 8 or so days of hard-core parading. Well, our toilet seat lost a bolt - it was a metal bolt that rusted and fell out, and couldn't be replaced. I went to Wal-Mart and picked up a nice new seat (with plastic bolts this time - that old seat was only a few months old!). I pulled the old seat off the toilet....and the screw that was still in the toilet STAYED in the toilet. So now I've got a toilet with no seat and a screw I can't get out. I used a wrench, pliers, and a hammer. My teenager tried to get it out - no luck. So, poor J is working his ass of and comes home tired and hungry, and I've got to tell him he has to fix the toilet. I must say he was a really good sport about the whole thing, and it took him a while to get it off too.

Then, two days later at work, the copier ran out of toner. So, I carefully followed the directions and pulled the empty toner out and put the new toner in....except the toner wouldn't go all the way in...I tried twice, then pulled it out - and toner went everywhere! The top had come lose so now there's toner in the machine and on the floor and on me. *sigh*

And, 'cause these things always come in threes: Because it's Mardi Gras, the kids get the whole week of school off. Ian actually got the whole week off + Monday for a total of 10 days off (jealous!). Molly's pre-K interview was today at Bridget's school, and as I walked into the building, I see kids all guessed it - Bridget had school yesterday and today and I didn't know! Now, that's just good parenting, I tells ya!


ParaJunkee said...

Wonderful parenting. *Shakes Head & Judges*

That's alright mine came home with a bag full of valentines this week and I completely forgot. So she got to take take take without any giving. Hee hee.

Working stressful and toner filled jobs just doesn't go hand in hand with perfect parenting. Oh well my mom was a stay at home mom and at some point it always breaks down. Like when she buttered the bread for my peanut butter sandwich accidentally, cause she was making breakfast and lunch at same time...and figured well butter - peanut butter - should go together well. So I starved that day. Ah fond childhood memories.

Louisiana Rose said...

My husband tell me PB goes on one slice of bread while butter goes on the other. THEN you put the jelly on top of the butter. It keeps it from soaking in and getting the bread soggy. (Not me, to each his own I guess.) But he's a keeper and he is welcome to eat that for lunch and his spaghetti with coleslaw for dinner!

MG keeps us hoppin!! I'm not surprised she missed school. the drive to work was much easier this week b/c of the high school teachers and students staying home.

Hannah said...

At least you don't do backwards diapers. :)

Anonymous said...

And toner all over is PRECISELY WHY I call the office secretary when that junks happens. I don't want toner all over MY clothes! :-)...Auntie M

Cecile said...

Awww Patti!!! {{{hugs to you honey}}} I hear you!!!! Wish there was something I could have done for you!

H1 said...

Don't wipe / dust the toner off of your clothes, use a vacuum cleaner and it will come right off of you.