Monday, January 4, 2010

Are We There Yet?

We got back from our mini-vacation last night - I'm soooo tired today! Dropped the kids off this morning - only problem is Kid 2 didn't have school! Good thing hubs is off today; crisis averted!!

Houston was awesome, as usual! Here are some of the highlights:

Our first night there was interesting. We got in around 8:00-ish, met H1 and SIL, and tried to check in at the wrong hotel. Oops! Walked next door to the correct hotel and checked in. Put everything in the room and went to eat at the restaurant next to the hotel. Let me start by saying there were 7 of us and they automatically include the tip for parties of 6 or more - and it showed. The waiter ignored us all night. When I asked for a cup with a lid for the 3-year-old, he came back and told me the cup that had the lids was not a good one and wouldn't fit a straw so he brought one without. Of course, as soon as he walked away Molly spilled her full drink all over the table. After we cleaned it all up and I sat there with a sticky table and dirty napkins all over, I told the waiter we wanted that cup/lid combo, which turned out to be a soup to-go container with a lid. Here's the thing - we never got straws - any of us! I ended up giving Molly the stir straw from my margarita. All in all, not a good experience.

So, we hang out and go to bed around 12:30 or so. At 2:30 am we are awakened by the fire alarm - crap! We head out into the cold night (I grab my kids, my purse, and my Kindle) and wait for about an hour before they let us go back upstairs. Turns out it was a busted water line or something.

I got to push the button at a crosswalk. I know, I know, I sound like a little kid pushing elevator buttons, but I've never done it before! We don't have those here and growing up we never lived anywhere where they had crosswalk buttons. It was a silly little thrill. The reason I had to cross the stree was not so fun - had to go buy cranberry pills and meds to make my UTI symptoms stop - on the first morning of vacation - yuck.

We headed over to the Galleria to shop and have lunch - we ate at the Rainforest Cafe. It was pretty neat and the food was good. Molly (and the rest of us) loved the decor and had a good time. After that, we went by Dylan's Candy store. I chased Molly around, and then disaster happened: Bridget decided to fill her own bag of self-serve candy....and lost control of the dispenser. The thing is, once the candy hits your bag you have to pay for it. Did you know 2 1/2 pounds of M&Ms cost almost $40 at Dylans? Yup. One unhappy child who now has no Christmas money left and two unhappy parents who had to make up the difference.

Saturday SIL, J, the girls and I went to Trader's Village - a huge outdoor flea-market. We had a great time! Some of the stuff was crap, but some of it was great. We found some gorgeous Mexican pottery, of course I picked up a few apple items and some blue glass, J and I both got cheap sunglasses, and the girls got to pick out a few toys. SIL got some gorgeous Frida pictures and local honey. We also found a great little jewelry maker in a sword shop - The Pirates Cove. ThimbleNina does nice work and we purchased four necklaces between the three of us!! I'm wearing the Boondock Saints necklace today:

J got this one to hang in his car and I also bought a fairy one for myself as well.

<---- She said she can do anything I send her a photo of and I'm thinking about getting her to make this one. I think it would look great!

And, on our last night in Houston, I was awakened at 2:30 am by a bunch of crazy men in the room next door. They were yelling and jumping around and doors slamming and more yelling and stomping. After about 15 minutes of nonstop yelling (in Spanish so I don't know what it was all about) I called the front desk and told them I thought there was a fight in the room next door. It went on for almost an hour on and off until I was finally able to sleep. Then, around 9:30, a different floor was evacuated (don't know why) and firetrucks were once again at our hotel! I thought it was an appropriate ending to our vacation.
It was great to visit with H1 and SIL - Ian and H1 bonded over some heavy gaming, and I'm glad they allow us to come visit twice a year! Love you guys!
Even though I'm tired, I feel mentally refreshed and my reading slump is over and I feel like I'm back where I'm supposed to be. I hope your New Year was great too!


Hannah said...

Heart ThimbleNina!

Heart S-clan vacay in Houston!

Heart Frida pictures!

Sad heart your departure. :(

H1 said...

It was a great visit. Thanks for coming in. :)