Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Happenings. And stuff.

Okay, Christmas is over (sort of) and New Year's is upon us (sort of). I guess what I'm trying to say is "Yay! I survived Christmas!" I'm very much looking forward to going to Houston on Wednesday. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and my boss to tell me I can't go....

Just going to hit some of the holiday highlights:

<----I read a book called "Sweet Restraint" by Beth Kerry. Usually, when I am reading a book, I'll leave it on the counter by the telephone where I sit when I read. Ian (age 16) took one look at it and said, "Uh, Mom, I've gotta ask..." to which I replied "You don't want to know." His reply? "Oh yeah, I think I DO want to know!"

So that's how I ended up spending Christmas Eve discussing the differences between Bondage and Dom/sub with my teenager.

Christmas morning, after the stockings were opened and we were sitting down to open the presents under the tree, Ian, the "official gift passer-outer" gave Molly her first gift. She opened it and was soooo excited. Then, she put it down and said "Ian, be a good brother and give me another present." She sure catches on quick!!!

For Christmas dinner, we ordered a ham from a ham place, and also ordered a dessert - Chocolate Mousse Cake. BB tells SIL(H) - "You'll never guess what we got for dessert! I'll give you a rhymes with Bocolate Bousse Bake". she couldn't guess ;)

<----As I may have mentioned here before, Bridget (age 8) is obsessed with RPatz (AKA Edward Cullen). So she asks me, "How old is Robert Pattinson? He's old, right? Like 45?" I tell her no, he's 23....
"Oh good, he's the perfect age for me!" (Oh, God, please give me strength now for when she's a teenager!!!)

Oh - I may have mentioned we were adopted by a cat last week. He hung around at the back door looking so pathetic. Our cats didn't like him at all, they'd stand at the door and hiss at him. Well, he got in and made himself at home - we can't get rid of him! We were thinking about keeping him, he is very sweet (and sooo skinny!) but this cat shits more than any other living thing. Every time I turn around he's in the cat box. I thought it was just my imagination but J said the same thing!! Well, as it turns out, I've gone from cleaning the cat box every 2-3 days to about twice a day and it's killing me. I think we're going to give it to my mom if her offer still stands....Mom? Mom? Are you there? I see your feet poking out from behind the curtain....


Hannah said...

I love your new kitty.

I love BB's obsession but it does make me feel old that I have the same cutie obsessions as my niece. Now that can't be right at'all.

Louisiana Rose said...

Damn I have big feet!