Sunday, November 22, 2009

They start 'em young...

Weekend wrap up:

I'm glad I went to see New Moon with my brother and his fiance at the Midnight show. When I took BB last night, it was as bad as I thought it would be. The guy in the seat next to me spoke to his friends all through the show (he even took a phone call), in Spanish. The man in front of me talked to his girlfriend through the show. There was a group of hecklers down in the front section (where the pez-heads have to sit) - a lot of people shouting "Shut up" at them. But BB had fun and it was a nice mother/daughter evening.

I downloaded Amazon's Kindle for PC this weekend and picked up a couple of free books to test drive the Kindle and see if I like it. So far it doesn't seem any different than what I've been using (microsoft reader). We'll see.

Ian started his first job this weekend. He's doing busboy work at a cafe near Tulane's campus; J says Saturday/Sunday mornings the Tulane co-eds do their walk of shame past the place so he's got a nice view. He likes the work and he's tired out at the end of his shift. Good.

BB went to two birthday parties this morning. The first one was at English Turn country club. When we pulled up in front, Molly yelled "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!" haha - I guess we don't get out much. The second party was at an art studio. While she was there, the little girl who lives next door to us announced to everyone that BB has a hairy back (I guess she bent over to pick something up and her shirt rode up). Is it wrong of me to refer to an 8-year-old as "that little bitch next door"?

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Hannah said...


Hmmm, I can think of a few more creative things to call her. That's cool though, maybe the neighbor who eats children will eat her.