Sunday, October 4, 2009

A rose by any other name....

What an awesome weekend! Even though BB has been sick (she missed school Friday and has had fever ranging from 100 - 103.8 over the last three days) it was a good weekend for me. I got a TON of stuff done - housecleaning (see previous post), got all the furniture in and the old furniture out, went to the jewelers to pick up my ring (!), went to a new used book store, hit Walmart four (yes four) times, won some books off the internet, organized/paid bills, and other stuff I can't think of. Oh - and I cooked - twice! As in actual raw meat and a stove were involved. And....people ate it and didn't die!

Molly loves her big-girl bed. She took her naps and went to sleep with just a little trouble. She did say she wanted to sleep in her crib but changed her mind. BB gave Molly the bed steps she had in her room because the bed is a bit too high for her to climb on. This morning she figured out she could climb out of bed herself (she did holler "Mom, can I get out of bed?" so sweet!)

Saints are 4-0 and LSU is 5-0!! Whooo-hooo!!! And did you see all the pink on the football players today - that was pretty awesome. J says it's because football players love boobies. Whatev. But here's my question. LSU's stadium is called Death Valley. That's pretty imposing. And since they're an awesome team, it usually does mean death for their opponents. Do any other college teams have as cool a name for their stadium as LSU does?


Cecile said...

Go Saints... GEAUX TIGERS!!! The tigers were almost the death of me!!!
And yea, our stadium rocks!!!

And I am so glad to hear that she is loving her big girl bed!!!! YAYAYAY!!!!
I am glad to hear that you had a great weekend!

Major Dad said...

You disagree that football players love boobies? I played football and I'm all for saving boobies!!!

Stalker v1.5 said...

I never played football and I heart boobies!

Congrats on the cooking without the need for ambulatory services. haha