Monday, October 5, 2009

Guns and Ammo

I'm reading a book, and the security guy tells the heroine the bad guys have guns, probably handguns, probably a forty-five, they prefer the nineteen eleven.

Me: J - What kind of gun is a nineteen eleven?
J: A forty five.
Me: But doesn't it have some sort of cute name?
J: Yeah, a nineteen eleven.

Okay then.


ChiaPop said...

You are SO silly!

Belle said...

Hahah! My dad gave me a gun in college when I lived alone - a handgun that I never touched and never took out of the box. But, whenever I happened to mention that I had one, invariably a boy would say "what kind?" And I would have to turn to my boyfriend and ask "Babe, what kind of gun do I have?" Still don't know. My brain blocks out gun talk.