Monday, October 26, 2009

The NFL is going to be responsible for my ER co-pay.

Might as well get to the obvious first: 6-0 baby, CHA-CHING!!! Woo-hoo, go Saints!

This game was a test in maintaining sanity. At the beginning of the game, I was sure the Dolphins had performed some sort of ritual sacrifice because they were killing us and the refs were making all these calls against the Saints that were unbelievably bad. Then....I'm pretty sure the Saints performed some sort of counter-sacrifice in the locker room at halftime because not only did they turn it around, they ran 'em over, backed up, and ran 'em over again!!!

We had some friends over to watch the game, and oh, the emotions were high. I thought for sure I was gonna be doing some explaining to the EMS and cops about how I had a room full of people simultaneously having heart attacks in my living room!

After the game, after I had cleaned up and put the kids to bed, I sat in the living room and read a book. My husband, his father, and a friend sat in the back yard having drinks. Let me set this up for you: Our living room and kitchen are open and connected, with the back door situated between the two rooms, and they both have large windows that look out into the back yard. We had the back door open and the guys were sitting around the table outside drinking and talking. I guess they forgot I was there, because I was privileged to listen to some pretty open and honest Guy Talk. You know, stuff they don't say when the women are around, and they'd had enough to drink that it was pretty honest stuff. It was intersting - a little bit about life, responsibilities, sex, and sociology; nothing earth-shattering, but still -I don't think women often get to see this side of men and I feel kind of lucky, if that makes any sense.

Oh - and another BB quote: We were at the pumpkin patch, and a classmate of Bridget's showed up. "Oh man, that Steven is a jerk. I don't like him." I told her that's okay but that while we're here she must be polite to him and not say anything rude about him to anyone else. Her reply:
"Ugh...always with the politeness! (sigh) Okay."


Cecile said...

The obvious first... YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! On the Saints (AND LSU!!!!)

Treasure that "little" peek into the man's world, because like you said, it does happen often that you get hear such things. I love BB's quote! The things our children say or do. I hope the rest of your weekend was great Patti!

Stalker v1.5 said...

Four days!!