Monday, July 6, 2009

Hot Time in the City

Well, weeeee'rrree baaaaaccccckkkkk!!! Houston survived us...barely. We drove in Friday and went straight to meet H1 and SIL and Ian at Papa Joe's BBQ - yummers! Then we headed over to the room to unpack then went swimming. Saturday we went to St. Arnold's Brewery for a pub tour, then I took the kids swimming while the other adults slept off some of the beer! Sunday was a trip to Chinatown (lunch and shopping), naps, and Barry's pizza. Then the gang went to Dave & Busters and Molly and I headed back to the room for the night (of course we stopped at Barnes and Noble before they closed!). Then today, we got up, reverse packed, and headed back to the NOLA. A good visit but much too quick.

I have to say, Molly nearly did me in this trip. I could call this the "Fuss and Cry Trip" and anyone present would immediately know what trip I was talking about. I love that child but sometimes she sure makes it hard! It didn't help that the room didn't have A/C, so we were all cranky anyway. Heat and cranky two-year-olds do not mix, my friends, not at all. Can't wait to do it again at New Years!!!

And thank you, SIL, for the awesome gift - a much cheaper way to hide the covers than a kindle!!! You rock!

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Stalker v1.5 said...

<3, you're welcome.

But don't forget how Molly beat on the drums and sang about her pretty mommy. Too precious!