Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Get It Out Of My Head!!!!

This has been running through my head. All. Freakin'. Day. The show is cute, but damn.


The MeXXican said...

Imagine a Chinese croc ripping your arm off at the shoulder...

That should distract you a tad. You know, the blood and all that sinewy connective tissue dangling where your arm used to be like phone cords ripped out of the wall?

Quick question, serious like--- how do you get that song out of your head?

Thanks Patti!

Patti said...

Very descriptive, sounds painful. Hmmm...you get that song out of your head by posting it online for others to "enjoy"!

The MeXXican said...

Smart ass!

Oh and please tell Charles in Charge not to menstruate, I know is cook book is past due.

I'll drop it off this weekend.

Patti said...

Uh...are you bringing Sookie too? Did you like them?

The MeXXican said...

sure i'll bring 'em---good reads entertaining

they are coming to New Orleans to shoot some scenes

i bet you knew that

sorry for no caps or punctuation

feeling lazy

Patti said...

No, I didn't know they were coming - MUST HAVE INFO!!!!!!

w/v is methwart - sounds like a real ailment.

The MeXXican said...

Seriously I heard it on the radio yesterday something about them coming to New Orleans to shoot some scenes.

On an somewhat related note one of the hunks is doing a feature to be released in 2011. I found it on IMDB.

I'll get back to you on the New Orleans thing---

The MeXXican said...

Why can't i edit my typo up there?