Thursday, May 28, 2009

Boogers are not a snack.

Yes, I actually said that to my child today....I'm going to let you guess which one.

Many thanks to H2F for taking BB shoe shopping today. From what I hear they had a great time and BB came home with 2 really cute pairs of sneaks. Apparently moms are very fashion-backward and therefore I could not go shoe shopping. I guess I'm off the Fashion Police Force. I wonder if I get to keep my badge.

Random thought. I was talking to a co-worker in the elevator yesterday, and the idea came up of how cool it would be to write a story about an elevator. I'm thinking it would be a story about an elevator that opened up somewhere other than where you expected it to, or maybe one that opened up to a different time in your life (past or future). If you've heard of such a story, let me know, I'd love to read it. If not, start writing - I'm waiting!!!

H2 and H2F were over the other night and H2 was holding Molly. She had a "diaper eruption" that ended up with stinky stuff all over H2's shorts. Needless to say he went home soon after (hopefully his car doesn't still stink). He came over tonight and Molly walked up to him, pointed at his shorts, and said "I pooped on your shorts." and started laughing! That's my girl!!!

I was talking to SIL(H) about the books I've read recently, and I made a list of the "keepers" - the ones I liked enough to buy and keep. Wow - I've read a lot of good books! Some are series that have been around a while and some are new. I may make mention here in the future about some of my faves....coincidentally, the men in my lair are reading the Sookie books. Sookie is NOT a ho.


Louisiana Rose said...

Didn't "Bill and Ted's Big Adventure" use an elevator?

Patti said...

No, it was a phone booth.

Louisiana Rose said...

Yes, I believe you're right. So, start writing!

And tell the other writer in the family we are waiting on Chapter 12!

H1 said...

Ha Ha Ha. She pooped on him!

pops said...

Not exactly what you were looking for, but you might find it interesting.