Thursday, January 15, 2009

Diaper Wedgie

If you're eating, put it down, or come back later....especially if you're eating something brown or gushy. Or corn.

So, Saturday night, as we're getting ready to go out, I'm going between the bathroom and bedroom to do makeup and get dressed. I realize there's something on the floor and as I get closer, I realize the cat crapped on the floor in my bedroom. Damn. So I clean it up and continue to get ready. Molly comes into the bathroom and tells me "poo-poo". Great, now I've got to change her....except she shows me more cat crap on the floor in her bedroom. As I am cleaning it up, I realize there's corn in it. Corn! Cats don't eat corn, but we did the night before. Then I realize, the other cat crap was where Molly had been playing a few minutes previously. So I pick her up and that's when I see it - a diaper wedgie. A poo-leaking diaper wedgie. Ugh. When is she going to be potty trained???!!!

Here's where I would make a snarky comment about the joys of parenting, but instead I'm going to say....I warned you. I will not be held responsible for any retching or gagging as a direct result of my sharing!


Stalker v1.5 said...

Ewhhhh ...

Major Dad said...

If you rub her nose in it and tell her, "bad dog", would that be abuse?