Sunday, September 28, 2008

Poop or Scoop?

Wow, a moment of relative quiet. This last week has been really rock-n-roll! SIL(H) has been here since last Friday. H1 flew in this Friday and they both left together today - headed to a home that finally has power! We miss them already! It was nice to drive in to work in the morning with SIL. And have a "Twilight book buddy" to chat with! Call me when you're done!!!

BB is joining Brownies. She had her first meeting Thursday and did her first craft that we'll finish at the next meeting. She had a great time and is very excited about being a Brownie. It certainly brings back many happy memories for me.

Last night we had a nice family dinner - everyone but J was there. Of course, Molly-moo blasted out her diaper at the end of the meal (can't really complain, at least it wasn't at the BEGINNING of the meal!) and BB clogged their toilet! Wow, we really know how to make an impression, eh?

AND, while I'm on the subject of poo - I'm too lazy to find where I posted it before, but we made scones yesterday - blueberry and lemon-poppyseed. Guess what I found when I changed Molly's diaper yesterday? Yup - poppy seeds - all over her butt!!! It happened once before, but I forgot until I saw her butt had all these little black things all over it, and they wouldn't wipe off - that's right, I had to pick them off her butt! Ah, a mother's job is sooooo glamorous! AND, she's been eating these "Scooby Snacks" we bought in Orlando - basically Scooby-shaped fruit snacks. Guess what? When she eats them, her poo turns BRIGHT GREEN!!! Yeah, your visual is nowhere as bad as being there - trust me!

So, even though it was basically a good weekend, you could also say it was a "shitty" weekend. Haha!

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